back to article Sun open storage slashed till Saturday

Sun, about to be happily digested by ardent wooer Oracle, is offering a 40 per cent plus discount on its Open Storage 7000 system, but only until 26 September. The first quarter of Sun's 2010 fiscal year ends on September 28, and it looks like an attempt to get a spike in 7000 sales by the end of the quarter. Sun's sales …


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Controller memory capacity note

Sent to me and posted anonymously:

The new max DRAM capacity is 256GB, not 512GB (vs 128GB previously). Although I guess it's 512GB for the cluster configuration if you add up the two nodes together.



Very happy customer

We recently bought an 7410 Cluster and are very happy.

Blows away everything that NetApp and EMC had to offer by far! (price and features).

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Very Happy About...

I am very happy about the movement of iSCSI target mode into kernel from user land!

Being able to share ZFS, NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI all from kernel offers a very strong benefit to using OpenSolaris:

- Having all of the major protocols integrated into the kernel with ZFS means that applications running on the server as well as different distributed OS's over varied protocols can all share the same data set without corrupting access lists and permissions.

- Placing ZFS on the same server that has kernel based NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI also means virtually unlimited file systems can be shared... virtually unlimited LUN sizes is a beautiful thing, especially when minimum file sizes are tiny in comparison to most other server competitors (i.e. 1K instead of 43K, 64K, 1M, or 2M, etc.)

- The doors are swung wide open for shared-nothing failover clusters on 2 (and now 3 servers) is made possible by integrating ZFS, 2-way mirroring, 3-way mirroring, and iSCSI COMSTAR

- Moving applications into Zones also make failing over applications scriptable, inexpensive, and easy - avoiding costs of H-A kits for applications and hypervisors for virtualization.

Just to think that these capabilities are free under OpenSolaris and will be rolled into Solaris 11 sometime soon just makes me extremely pleased!


Hardware update, and analyzing the HyperTransport

Somewhat related. Read a blog showing how seriously the Fishwork's team takes performance on this product line. Always nice when their improvements to Solaris get back ported to the enterprise distro for our servers.

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Clearance sale?

Is this the last act of desperation before Larry gets full control and just brings in Pillar for some real storage hardware?

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