back to article ATIC ponies up $3.9bn to buy Chartered

First AMD's foundry biz, and now Singapore's Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing. Who will be next? The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has lots of money, lots of sand, and lots of hydrocarbons that can presumably be made into nanotubes and other future computing technology when oil becomes scarce enough that carbon computing might be …


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take that power ball and sell it to your less powerful enemy

"Now, ATIC is taking control of Chartered, which like other semiconductor makers is losing money and struggling to navigate the very rough waters of the economic meltdown."

OC the big picture is , you sell off all your eggs annd put them in somone elses basket, then your no longer the innovator, but rather the user and we all know worlds users get a bad deal trying to get what they really want and have to settle and compomise all the time, neevr quite gettign whats really needed....

as you sell off all your most valuble assets, and so willingly become just one more of the worlds rent boys, your no longer in real control and have no choice but to take what you can get get, if the real producers of the goods can even be bothered to give you their time and attention, better be good and treat them right or you might find they take away the ball you thought you owned but dont really....

lets not worry about the long term, as long as we can make a profit for the next quarter ,doesnt seem so wise whne you really need long term end to end control of the global IT industrial revolution markets....

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