back to article Amazon files Googlebooks pact with the monopolies

Amazon has filed an official objection to Google's $125m book scanning settlement with US authors and publishers, saying the deal is anti-competitive and in violation of anti-trust laws. In October, Google settled a longstanding lawsuit from the US Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers over its Google Book …


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Amazon: "all with permission from rights holders"

Not entirely true that - surely not forgotten about 1984 / Animal Farm already? It was obvious from the coverage of that debacle that Amazon had other items of dubious ownership, but had no way of knowing which ones they were.

Kudos to both sides though - surely we will see some reform of Copyright come about as a result of either side winning?

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Re Amazon=

Well 1984 and Animal Farm are only still in copyright in the United States of Disney, anywhere with a sensible length of copyright Orwell's work has been in the public domain for some time.

And yes, reform of copyright is badly needed, to stop US corporations locking up all of the world's content until the heat-death of the universe.

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