back to article YouTube to share ad money with viral videos

YouTube plans to turn more skateboarding dogs into cash by selling ads for the creators of one-off viral videos. Since 2007, YouTube has invited users who produce a steady stream of popular clips to become "partners" in its advertising program. Once a content creator is accepted into the program, Google begins pitching overlaid …


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Beeb should make money abroad too

Aunty Beeb has some very popular material it could sell adverts off the back of. e.g. Mitchell and Web sound, sell adverts on the back of it to non UK addresses:


Why not, make all the money you can from their extensive catalog of products, there are 200+ podcasts running at any time alone, surely they can see ads on the back of that outside the UK! And that's just radio podcasts, without even getting into their TV production that isn't licensed worldwide.


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So now when you see a link to YouTube, you know that not only you'll waste precious minutes looking at some unfunny montage of whatever the kidz0r find kewt or kewl these days (poorly synchronized with music that would make even an elevator throw up), but the tasteless, humorless brat will be *paid* for that too? Really, really god idea. What could possibly go wrong? I can't possibly see any tidal wave of linkspam coming. No m'lud. Yet another to NEVER follow a link to youtube (or any of the minilink-like obscuring craplink).

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