back to article Nokia announces 'N97 junior'

If the mobile phone’s your primary instrument for music, photos, video and social networking then you probably own an iPhone. But if you haven’t upgraded yet, Nokia hopes to sway you with its latest touchscreen talker, the 5230. Nokia_5230_01 Nokia's N5230 connects into Ovi and supports app downloads The handset looks much …


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But in the US...

"Nokia’s 5230 will be available during Q4, priced at €149 (£129/$212) unsubsidised."

$212 is just a straight GBP to USD conversion - more likely in the US it won't come onto the market until 2nd Q 2010 and will cost twice that much. But it's for our own good.

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@Version 1.0

Prices in brackets are always Reg Hardware's own conversions, based on the exchange rates at the time of publication and provided for information. When we have been given prices in multiple currencies, we don't put them in brackets.

To recap:

£xx ($yy/€zz) - costs xx in the UK, which is the equivalent of yy and zz in those currencies.

£aa/$bb/€cc - costs aa in the UK, and bb and cc elsewhere.

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