back to article Ericsson wins battle for Nortel assets

Ericsson has won the bidding war for Nortel's CDMA and LTE Access business, after offering $1.13bn for it. The deal still needs approval from the bankruptcy courts and could also face a legal challenge from Research in Motion. The BlackBerry maker complained last week that it had been unfairly blocked from the auction process …


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Telecomm Snooker, anyone?

Snooker? No prizes for coming second.

This looks like the death-knell for Nokia Siemens Networks in North America. I cannot believe Novak - an intelligent bloke - who was head of HR before he took the poisoned chalice cannot have seen this coming. "...and we did not enter this process with a win-at-any-cost mindset...". Er, it's a competition - for the US MARKET! WAKEY-WAKEY!!!

How long before the Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE vultures* pick the bones from this one?

Where are Ollila and Baldauf when NSN needs them? Now, we have an Ozzie git called Wylie-Mybestfriends'Simon, or something. Seems to have completely lost the plot. If you make a 'stalking-horse' bid, you at least need a jockey who can ride. SB doesn't see it. Nor does Novak.

I give NSN a year to clear out of the US market, 3 to clear out of EMEA, and 5 to clear APAC. Then Ericsson buys what little is left.

Shit. What a wonderful company to work for a few years ago.

*I know El Reg has trademarked and tagged all vultures. Hope you don't mind.

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