back to article Top four EDS execs exit stage left

Four top EDS executives are leaving their jobs to "explore other opportunities" as part of the sprawling services company's layoff-and-pay-cut-heavy digestion by Hewlett-Packard. EDS will see Tom Haubenstricker, head of finance; Mike Koehler, head of EDS Americas region; and Mike Paolucci, head of human resources depart the the …


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20% of just a portion

It's 20% of his "base salary". Which means that all bonuses, incentives, tokens and whatever else can be put on his salary will come in at 100%. Frankly, I'd like one of those guys to say, just once, that he will only get his salary - like all us other lowlifes.

But it'll be a cold day in Hell before that happens.

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Top 4 EDS exec exit stage left..


Ok, has someone made sure they do not fall into the orchestra pit??


I wonder how fast the door followed them as they exited??

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Death of a thousand cuts

Yep, only four top exec's going - doesn't sound so bad? Then you realize that they've got the company of a whole battalion of the bosses under them. Heck, EDS insiders are saying that they're getting a 'Mr/Mrs/Ms XX is leaving to pursue outside interests' mail every two days.

I'm also interested by the 'HP is integrating EDS into HP's services arm', when in fact it was sold to the poor schmucks in EDS as 'we'll merge HP Services with you and call it EDS'. Okay, you'd have to pretty naive to believe anything that Hurd and co said, but it was nice to see the excitement when folks thought that HP might bring little perks like being able to travel; pay rises; bonuses; training; etc.

Instead they got this bunch of clowns. Sorry, ... my bad, ... clowns make most folks laugh not either cry or bang their heads off the nearest wall in powerless frustration.

Anyway, back to the story - I think you'll find by the end of the year that the majority of EDS managers more than a single step from the 'coalface' will have 'left to pursue outside interests' and have been replaced by their HP compatriots. That is, of course, assuming that people butcher Hurd actually leaves any staff outside of India _to_ be managed, (sorry, sales droids don't count!).


Mark: Way to take one for the team!

Such unselfishness is rarely exhibited by people in lofty places. I wonder if he's paid the same base salary as Steve Jobs? Would that mean a pay cut of twenty cents? Wow, I can hardly see the screen through all the tears.

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