back to article Samsung samples 500GB laptop HDD

With notebook-oriented SSDs now hitting the 250GB mark, Samsung has introduced a laptop-friendly hard drive offering double that capacity. The 500GB SpinPoint M7 uses the notebook-standard 2.5in form-factor and incorporates a pair of 250GB platters. They spin at 5400rpm, and data transfers are buffered in an 8MB cache. The drive …


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Less Capacious?

SSD's are more capacious than HDDs in the 2.5" arena – 512GiB ones exist, like this one http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Toshiba-512GB-SSD,6716.html

That's even 512GiB, not GB, so you get an extra 49GB in there for your money (lots of money that is).

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Sure is nice to see a 512 GiB SSD appear, though my broke arse won't be able to afford it. Give it a few years, though, and it looks like my lappy could get one.

My HP lappy would love to have even a 500GB HDD, but alas, it was built with the old ATA interface so the best it could get is 250 GB (though I saw a 320GB ATA 2.5" HDD on the Egg just recently) and it seems hard to retrofit it with an ATA > SATA interface without going external with it.

Though Moore's Law refers to the number of transisters on a processor chip, it's good to see that memory capacity (whether SSD, Flash or RAM) is closely following this trend.

Paris, because her socket capacity also follows a trend similar to Moore's Law...


For a given value of 'standard'

Does the 'standard 2.5" form factor' extend to this drive being 9.5mm deep?

Someone (Fujitsu?) announced a 500Gb 2.5" drive a while back, but the deal-breaker was that it was 12.5mm and therefore wouldn't fit in my laptop.

Could be a go-er - I'm certainly a fan of the SpinPoint F1 3.5" drives.

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Its precedessor used one more platter

This 2-platter drive replaces the 3-platter 500GB SpinPoint M6 released in 2008:



It was Hitachi that released a 2.5-inch 500GB hard drive that, at 12.5mm, was too tall to fit a standard laptop, no doubt making life miserable for its public relations folks:




The Western Digital 500GB 2.5" drive is 9.5mm high.

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