back to article HK movie star porn snap thief faces trial

The man allegedly responsible for copying and distributing 1,300 compromising photos of Hong Kong film star Edison Chen has pleaded not guilty to "three charges of obtaining access to a computer with a view to making dishonest gain". Sze Ho-chun, 24, appeared in Kowloon City Court accused of copying the snaps from Chen's laptop …


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Epic FAIL!

El Reg! Where's the photographic evidence?? As serious IT professionals we need to see the images and how they might be copied...

Oh errr....

Mine's the latex one...



who carries this stuff around on their own laptops? idjiots if you gonna insist on carrying around snaps of yourself nekkid for gods sake encrypt them or something

/goes to format laptop


I would like to see these photos

I am not able to form an a opinion on this story until I see all the photos. I am very much looking forward to checking out some hot lesbian action.

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How come so slow?

You mean the pics were stolen and burned on a CD in June 2006, and they did not appear on the web until Feb 2008?? I find that pretty incredible...

I can't imagine anybody sitting on all those pics for a year and a half. Maybe they tried to blackmail him in the meantime?

PH icon - HER pics are usually on the web after a day and a half at most...

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Blackmail was one suggestion, but it isn't on the charge sheet. They were passed around quietly for a long time, the whole thing blew up when the journos heard about them.

Perhaps the best evidence is that the accused doesn't have the photos on his computer, but does have a secure delete program.

@Chris Hatfield - Sorry, Edison had one girlfriend at a time, no lesbian pics have emerged. The girl's Chinese names are useful search terms.

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I saw all of them

They are pretty boring pictures and mostly just oral and I hate those.

His taste in girls was not very good either.

He only chose them because their fathers are very rich to begin with.

Now I feel dirty looking at something not worth paying for.

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