back to article Fulton imbues protection with power

Fulton Innovation has signed a deal with Case-Mate, the protective case manufacturer, to embed charging circuits into their products. The deal is light on specifics, but the plan is to embed Fulton's charging circuits into the cases, which will subtly plug into the existing power socket, rather than leaving a gap as they …


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Does anybody know what the efficiency of these proximity chargers is compared to a regular wall rat?

If people leave a TV on standby when its not in use you can guarantee a proximity charger will be plugged in and turned on 24/7. So, what about the power they use when, most of the time, they're just being a mat and the device(s) they are there to charge are elsewhere?



Well, the only way proximity power can work at all safely is by negotiation with the device. That is, you put your device on the mat, the mat notices it's there via RFID or something, it energises the coils in the mat under the device, etc.

Otherwise a paperclip dropped on the mat would melt.

So when not in use it probably uses a pretty average level of standby power.

I can't imagine the actual charging efficiency's very good, though, as there's a fair bit of distance between the transmitter and receiver coils...

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instead of......

Proximity charging, how about ALL major manufactures using a single designed charger so that one pregnant plug will charge **every** device I own...Same applies for memory cards..

Proximity charging is cool but woefully inefficient..

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why they dont use it

The gazzillions they make on charger plugs !

This is your universal plug !! will charge anything!

yes i agree the power consumption probably isnt great but if the tech gets used and more profficient im sure the devices will be made more sensitive.

Would buy a pre just for this function.

I hate the 12 vcables i need just to charge my different devices

oh and lets not forget all the travel charges etc etc

oh hangon when im at a freinds hangon you have sony erricson sony or nokia, which one the new one the one for this or that model


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