back to article Unisys tastes recession red ink

Mainframe and x64 server maker Unisys is struggling, as it does from time to time. In the fourth quarter of 2008, slackening server sales and some tapering off in services revenues moved the company into the red. For the quarter ended in December, Unisys had $162.1m in technology sales, down a staggering 39.5 per cent. The …


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i hope they hang in there

I would hate to see them go the way of too much of IBM's competition.

Yeah, it's me again...give me mapper!


HQ move

So there go their plans to move their headquarters to Liberty Place in Philadelphia. J. Presper Eckert must be laughing his arse off.

Anonymous Coward

Offshoring "coming"

I worked there for 12 years straight after leaving university. A major contributing reason to get out of there when a headhunter called for me was that the bid review process changed to mandate certain percentages of every resource type had to be offshored, or the bid would not be allowed out of the door.

Resource type wasn't just programming, or support. Oh no. Business domain expertise, consultancy, project management... All had a minimum level for offshoring.

I imagined trying to offshore consultancy around the financial industry and its myriad nuances, and recoiled in horror from the mental picture.

It's sad to see them die like this.

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New game!

OK, forget the Sun version, we have a new game called "Who is gonna buy Unisys?" Please supply a reasoned argument rather than just championing your fave vendor. As a starter, please RFC the following:

I think Sun are actually a possibility - Ponytail might have the cash in reserve; it would bring on board the consulting experience in Windows and Linux that Sun sorely lack; lots of skilled services poeple; and the ES7000 would offer a platform for Slowarisx86 to really replace the old E10k, E15k and E25k installed base. Not sure how the mainframe bizz would work under Sun, but it could always be spun off to raise some cash.

My other choice would be IBM if only because they would probably like the idea of removing one more of the few mainframe competitors left; and they could ditch the xSeries bizz onto Lenovo and sell the more scaleable and margin-rich ES7000 instead.

I think hp are out because Hurd is too busy butchering up the EDS carcass and doesn't need the Unisys server range or the mainframe bizz. With EDS they have more than enough skilled people and plenty of services buisness to sort through and gradually migrate to hp-only shops.

Fujitsu? Possibly, though I'm not sure they have the cash, and I'm not sure the US government would look too kindly on the idea. Still stranger things have happened.

My real wildcard? CISCO, still sulking about hp's ProCurve bizz, might decide to expand their blade vapourware into a proper server business.

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