back to article Vodafone snaps up Wayfinder

Vodafone has taken another step towards providing services, rather than just connectivity, by completing its acquisition of Swedish sat nav software supplier Wayfinder. The purchase was proposed back in December, and with the deal's completion Vodafone will own more than 98 per cent of Wayfinder. The remaining shares will be …


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Wayfinder = crap!

Good luck for them. Having actually tried to use Wayfinder, I can say it is crap. The software is currently at the state that tomtom was 5+ years ago.

You even have to switch maps when you cross the border, so you can't even plan a route from one country to another: you have to find the correct crossing yourself, navigate to it, switch maps and then navigate to the actual destination.

And all that crap is only usable for a limited amount of time, because that is what you get for the money: a license to use it for x months.

Tomtom still runs on my PDA after more than 5 years

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