back to article Sun revs VirtualBox desktop virtualization

Over the years, the server virtualization strategy at Sun Microsystems has been spotty, but recently it has been evolving to include a variety of new techniques. Dynamic domains, Solaris containers, logical domains, and on x64 iron, support for Xen and ESX Server hypervisors are all part of the fare now. Sun bought its way into …


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VirtualBox is fast

I use VirtualBox. It's blisteringly quick when compared with any of the competitive products.

I can run it under Linux, and it's faster than VMWare, I can run it under OS X and it's tons faster than both Parallels and VMWare Fusion, and under Windows, it just works too. Both Linux and Windows guests here.

Thumbs up from me on xVM VirtualBox - it's a definite fighting contender for the marketplace, and a worthy one at that.

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Putting the pieces together

I'd like to see VirtualBox be able to send machine images to an xVM Server to run on bare metal, or at least sync with an xVM Server somehow. This way, a developer could design cool machine images on his laptop, then deploy them easily.



now that's an interesting idea .... any other devs out there that would be interested in this?

am puzzled though as to why now "HP is the master of the universe" comment from Matt "HP = Gods" Bryant. Maybe they don't have a workable desktop virrtualisation product. Or a workable virtualisation product. Or a credible non x86 box.

Reg eds - can we have a Apple/Sun;/HP/mis fanboy warning icon?


Virtualization, VirtualBox & SUN

The author writes, "Over the years, the server virtualization strategy at Sun Microsystems has been spotty"

SUN has been doing virtualization since 1997 - it is not spotty, as the author indicated.

The author writes, "the company has yet to explain where VirtualBox will fit into its server virtualization strategy, if at all, in the long term."

I am uncertain why the author does not understand how virtual box fits into SUN's virtualization offering.

The author may want to view this SUN web site for where VirtualBox fits in the overall portfolio:

or read the SUN web site how VirtualBox specifically fits in

or read the announcement back in February of 2008 of why VirtualBox was important

SUN's virtualization offering seems to be broader than any other hardware or software vendor...

- virtualize at the NIC level (CrossBow)

- virtualize at the file system level (ZFS)

- virtualize at the firmware (Dynamic Domains)

- virtualize at the HyperVisor (xVM Server & Logical Domains)

- virtualize at the OS (Resource Management, Solaris 9 Containers, Solaris 10 Zones)

- virtualize the client (VDI with SunRay)

- virtualize in any OS client (VirtualBox)

- virtualize the application in any OS client (X, Secure Gobal Desktop, Java VM)

- virtualization management/operations (xVM OpsCenter 2.0)

Are there holes? Other vendor holes are gaping in comparison!

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