back to article LeftHand gets added VMware va-va-voom

LeftHand Networks has revved its SAN/iQ iSCSI storage area network (SAN) software, storing desktop images much more efficiently, and enabling hypervisor admin staff to manage storage directly through an API. On the first day of VMworld in Las Vegas LeftHand Networks has brought stronger software chips to the virtualization table …


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I *know* this is wrong


The company's marketing VP, Larry Cormier, ... contrasts NetApp and LeftHand cloning approaches: "NetApp's FlexClone is file-based. Ours is block-based. The (VDI) data looks more like a database than a file."


I beg to differ. NetApp's deduplication is block based, not file based. FlexClone is a block based zero capacity technology. It doesn't deduplicate data because it doesn't duplicate it in the first place.

Disclosure; NetApp employee

Anonymous Coward

Why Marketing people should not comment on technology

Larry has clearly got the whole 3 PAR Inserv comment wrong!

3PAR is a block device not a N AS device.

Please visit this link for clarity.

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