back to article MoJ admits data breaches affecting 45,000

The Ministry of Justice has reported eight data breach incidents affecting around 45,000 people. The incident affecting the most people, reported in the ministry's 2007-08 resource accounts (pdf), took place in June 2007. Discs containing 27,000 supplier records, including supplier names, addresses and in some cases bank details …


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Understanding dawns

Now I understand govuk's constant attempts to gain and store evermore information about us, it's to maintain a balance to offset the information they keep losing.

How do they quantify it, by weight?

Maybe it is time for civil servants and government contractors to be hit in the pocket every time they make a cock up that compromises the population.

If you run a business and you screw up it costs you, why shouldn't it cost them?

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"The Ministry of Justice"

Yet another governmental oxymoron.

But then again, aren't they all!

This lot wouldn't know 'Justice' if it came up and bit them on the arse.

Which, hopefully, it will do soon.

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Alright, whole department

It's only 28 days they get locked up for currently isn't it? No matter, that'll do. Give them 28 days holiday in an 8x6 holding cell and see how they feel.


You couldn't make it up (pt.94)

"all the data was subsequently recovered"

So that's OK then...

Do they understand anything? T.Blair was famously computer illiterate (still is, no doubt) but did they all have to copy him?

Can we have a 'blithering idiot' icon, please?

Anonymous Coward

Same old shit..

This isn't exactly a "man bites dog" story, is it? Just another tedious episode in the long running saga of NuLabour's incompetence as they try to implement their wet dream database-society. Can we have an icon with the letters "NL" imposed on an image of a bucket of shit?


Re: Same old shit..

I'm a bit doubtful about this. Would it be better if a government with such aspirations was even slightly competent? I think an incompetent police state is less dangerous than a competent one.

(I have lived in Belgium,Germany and Italy...)


@ Chris G

"Maybe it is time for civil servants and government contractors to be hit in the pocket every time they make a cock up that compromises the population."

One phrase: "ministerial responsibility"


Rather than call the MoJ idiots

Look at this in a wider context.

Every department

Every Company


Is going to be distributed to anyone who really wanted the contents.

With all the issues with actually keeping data safe, I think this actually prooves the average human beings inability to be trusted with the data (or trusted with access to the data)

I would rather go to jail and have my bio readings forceably taken from me, than hand them over to the Government for their fucking ID card

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