back to article Surrey Satellite to be bought by EADS Astrium

Britain's flagship space company, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), has announced that it will be acquired by a foreign buyer. The University of Surrey spinout sat maker announced today that it will henceforth be part of EADS Astrium, the space arm of European arms'n'aerospace titan European Aeronautics Defence and …


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maybe now

the physics department will shut up about how they are never getting enough money, and that they cant afford the membership to certain observatories - they could use the money from the sale to fund such membership and i might get to have a pint with out hearing some long haired hippy nuclear physicist complaining about how "science is ONLY getting £342·7m a year...

or they could give the lecturers a nice fat raise... again.

skull and bones because the LHC will kill us all.


They're Doomed

If they are part of Astrium then they are doomed.

If Astrium's HR activity is anything to go by then its cockup city over there. Every so often a recruiter phones me with a job, puts my CV forward then comes back to say somebody else registered me three years ago so they can't and no, they don't know who it was either.

About three years ago I went to one of their recruitment open days, along with about 2000 surprised plumbers, bricklayers and carpenters who had read their ads in the local paper. Everybody got a letter of apology for that one.

Surrey Satellites don't know what they are letting themselves in for.

Mines the one with the P45 and the spirit level sticking out of the pocket.

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