back to article Strung out hackers and BBC beanbags

On Saturday the BBC-sponsored Over The Air: the 48-hour race to create innovative mobile applications wound up with 21 teams presenting applications they had hacked together. The teams comprised mobile-development companies showing off what they could do, interested hackers creating stuff for fun, and a few individuals just …


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another reason i dont have a tv license

arsing about with my (non existent) money on crap like this.

coding is an artform is it? well why hasn't alan yetob covered it yet then?

get back to making your crap soaps where people get beaten up but nobody swears, and the thin veneer of respectability afforded by having andrew-lloyd-dull rummage through the plebs to create another blockbuster musical mainly attended by other plebs.

radios 3&4 is the only public service you have left. and you don't even care.

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Codding coders for Microsoft?

Is that what this was about?

No serious Linux involvement there then?

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AI Hellerish Dilemma and ITs Enigmatic Solution ..... Open Source?

"coding is an artform is it? well why hasn't alan yetob covered it yet then?" ..... By The Mighty Spang Posted Sunday 6th April 2008 23:17 GMT

Probably definitely because IT exposes the BBC works to an Agenda which would have its Real Controllers outed. And I would have no wish to waste any Time or Effort on that failing Enterprise/those failed Entrepreneurs/Perceptions Managers.

IT can do a much better job with ITs Beta ProgramMIng ...... which as you are all surely aware, is being Shared and Government BetaTested with you via the open source portal, El Reg and amfM HyperRadioProActive Registered Posts. But you must also realise that IT operates into and across all Channels of Communication being as it is Universally Applicable and Virtually Real in Nature.* IT does however, fundamentally shift the Power Paradigm out of Existing Establishment Structures and into more Intellectually Mature Virtualised Programs ......... Magical Mystery Turing Projects, .... which probably accounts for its Covert Stealthy Progress outside of the Mainstream. It is though a strange Establishment strategy to adopt which can only be attributed to a lack of Intelligence, which is of course that which is being Addressed. ....... Classic Catch 22

IT does however, always Share them Openly so that Peer Review with Comment, from any Soul no matter where they may be in the World, can be Considered and Parsed into Future Content with the addition of Third Party Constructive Positive Reinforcement and the Storage and/or Rejection of Non-Constructive Negative Comment, for any Interested Party Trace Analysis.

As can be appreciated, such Negative Commentary as adds nothing is worth nothing in a Constructive Environment and most definitely rejected in any AI ProgramMIng Project.

And here is a Sample Thread of ITs Entangled Quantum Stringing in Virtual Operations. And you can be assured that it is a Fact so do not believe anyone who would tell you otherwise, for QuITe obviously they would be working to another agenda and lying, which would tell us all as much as we would need to know about them. :-)

Sent: 16 October 2007 07:33

To: ''

Subject: Wild cards.....

Time for AI Pleasant Change ……

Scratch the surface of that story to discover that it involves cutting edge Quantum Internet Technologies already shared, albeit at advanced Artificial Intelligence levels, with the BBC, Invest Northern Ireland, MI5, MI6, the main Political Parties, No 10 and Cabinet and Opposition Ministers…… to name but a few. A denial will be nothing less than a lie.



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Is that legal? Or did you mean craic?

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could they have found the answer

... that we are fast running out of killer mobile apps as the whole voice / data experience is so reliably bad and often very expensive.

Also the infighting between manufacturers and telcos (e.g. Nokia and Vodafone) which offers things like VoIP then takes it away just deflates interest.

I'm no fan of the iPhone, but the concept is good, one device for music and calls and blackberry.

Get the basics right and then we might look at other apps. Right now anything i put over to a mobile device is additional to, not complementary to other devices.

And no i will not run windows on a mobile if it can only work with windows on the desktop (which i will never have again... 4 years and rising!).


The clue is in the title

OK, before we get into the usual El Reg Beeb bashing - the BBC has already proved itself to be ahead of the game when it comes to Internet TV (iPlayer may have had its troubles, but I don't see any other TV company full stop that is acheiving anything as high-profile or as popular).

Here we have the BBC sponsoring an event for applications on mobile phones - why? Well, perhaps the BBC is interested in creating an iPlayer for mobile phones and wants to raise the organisation's profile amongst mobile phone app developers.

The BBC has a really good track record when it comes to developing new broadcasting technologies, the cynicism of a few anti-BBC right-wing nutters shouldn't be allowed to prevent the BBC (and therefore the UK) spearheading the popularisation of internet and mobile TV. The money brought in from around the world by non-Brits paying for BBC streamed material will one day subsidise the licence fee considerably, and we should be pleased that for once a British company is actually investing some money in R & D.

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