back to article Third time lucky? Google seeks open access in white spaces

The results of the US 700MHz auction were far from fulfilling Google’s dreams of an open wireless network that would significantly boost unfettered internet usage across the airwaves, and so its own revenues. The search and advertising leader is not giving up on its quest for spectrum to support the expansion of its business …


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East or West ...which is Best for the Future of Lead?

"Google itself has been widely rumored to be working on its own white spaces device but, as with the mythical gPhone, its interest is in providing open and would-be universal software platforms for multiple devices, not getting into the handset business."

Yes, the Global Operating Device market is very lucrative if you have the right algorithm to Master in IT. MeThinks though that is alien technology you will probable have to license.

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It isn't "white space"!!

It is actually real spectrum, with REAL uses.

The problem with the various "white space" goodies is that in their zeal to function, they WILL interfere with existing broadcast devices. Just because the transmitter can't hear the conflicting unit doesn't mean that a 3rd party won't hear both the real transmitter, and the interfering (white space) transmitter. The whole object of these devices is RANGE so they want to be heard. This means that they will cause interference. There are MANY unlicensed bands to use, the broadcast "white space" isn't one of them. The current use of the UHF tv spectrum (470-700MHz) is getting more crowded because they just sold off the 700-800 MHz part (USA channels 55-69). Given that the channel allocations vary all over our wonderful country, the "white space" devices have NO IDEA where to place their signal in the 230 MHz of bandwidth.

It isn't going to work. Go to 2.4GHz!!

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