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Ask yourselves this question: how much would you pay for the chance to declare yahoo.is/shite across the internet? Yes indeed, the comedy potential of the domain is endless, but you'll have to dig deep in this case to indulge your taste for quippery: Screen grab of yahoo.is sale on eBay According to the vendor, Yahoo! may …


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Seems from the screenshot....

nobody has been found willing to part with $100,000 for the privilege of fielding cybersquatting charges from Yahoo!

IT Angle


Domain Confirmed: theregister.is - Domain available!

Local Presence: Local presence is required

Requirements: Admin-C in Iceland, Kennitala number

Multiple Domains: allowed

Registration Contract: 2 Years

Registration Fee for most Names: $ 399.00

funny on sex : sex.is - Domain name too short.

Domain Confirmed: penis.is - Domain available!

Domain Confirmed: goodsex.is - Domain available

Domain Confirmed: rubber.is - Domain available!

Domain Confirmed: clarkson.is - Domain available! ....were is the sun for his details......

then just maybe a tad too expensive as only $245.00 for .am

Domain Confirmed: eeye.am - Domain available!

Domain Confirmed: ilikesexinthe.am

Domain Confirmed: pee-m.am - Domain available!

or to get cheaper co.uk 20 to 30 pounds

Domain Confirmed: clarkson-is-a-fool.co.uk - Domain available!

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