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How often have you heard the excuse of blaming blown project budgets on unanticipated systems integration costs? For good reason, nobody wants to do customised point-to-point integrations if they can help it - it's difficult if not impossible to leverage the work. But in one respect, such integrations contained one potentially …


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Anonymous Coward

Data and Meaning

I too followed the TRON project at Tokyo Dai-Gaku, sat down with Professor Toheru Motoka who was on loan from Hitachi as project director. I suggested (at the time) that providing labels for "Knowledge-based" programming for all the requisite data (even then) would be comparable to building the pyramid at Cheops. He didn't care for my observation.

Nowhere in your piece do you seem to know anything about the Object Management Group (OMG) and their SOA project, or even the concepts of "Objects" (CORBA-compliant). So I gather you all only kiss up to Micro$loth, whose feeble object technologies were given to them by Bill Crowe at the beginning of the REAL object concepts HP-New Wave. (Gates would claim anything as his creation ... read "Accidental Empires" by Cringley.

If you use actual compliant "Objects" in your data warehousing, then you don't have to know what you are going to use the data for when you put it in (which is an old SQL bad habit). I suggest you contact Dr. Richard Soley at the OMG ..

You might just learn something.



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