back to article Bush and Cheney subpoenaed for wiretapping

The US Senate has issued subpoenas demanding the White House hand over documents relating to its policy of snooping on US citizens without getting warrants or other legal clearance. Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy yesterday issued subpoenas to the Department of Justice, the Office of the White House, the …


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Weasel words

"a consistent pattern of evasion and misdirection"

That'll be 'lies' then - why don't they say what they mean? It's hard to believe they're trying to spare anyone's feelings...

BTW, lest any American readers think I'm biased, we have exactly the same trouble in the UK. Boris Johnson memorably compared our (then) Beloved Leader with a 'greased piglet' for his talent at escapology...


Misdirection as opposed to outright lies

It's such a hard thing, finding the lies that the Bush administration tries to feed us. Makes me long for the good-old-days, when Bill Clinton had a few whoppers in each and every speech. For just one, who can forget the Truth-Challenged One telling us that the USA would be out of Bosnia in one year? Twelve years later, the US military has reduced the number of troops to a few advisors -- not out of there yet!

Weep not, my soul, for Hillary cometh!


Re: "Weasel words"

"'a consistent pattern of evasion and misdirection'

"That'll be 'lies' then - why don't they say what they mean?"

Because they're NOT the same thing.

If the (mis)Administration said, "Nope! Never done that! Nothing to see here." THOSE would be lies.

If (as they have essentially done) say, "Well we believe that there's a sub-clause in the Interstate Pastal and Town Criers Registration Act of 1795 that implies that we can do this," they may not be lying. They may: A - honestly (a hard word to type in this instance without giggling insanely, but there you go) believe that that clause does allow it, or; B - they want to get people so tied up in looking at EVERY law that might possibly be usable to justify their actions that they won't have time to ask embarassing questions.

The point is that, if you feel the need to "spin" a story, it's generally best to do so by telling the truth, and nothing but the truth, and hope that everyone is going to ASSUME that you're telling the whole truth.

Besides... The times when they actually HAVE lied previously (Iraqi WMDs, etc.) they got caught out too easily, and the baklash was more than they wanted to deal with; there's less fallout if hey're only caught spinning the truth, instead.


about time

No one here should think you're at all biased. This entire administration needs an enema, and I just hope the Democrats will grow a set and hold these criminals accountable for the lack of leadership and total disregard for our constitution. How many days until election day?!?!?

Silver badge

Election day ?

After threatening Clinton with impeachment over a blowjob, it's a damn shame to see that the American Congress has taped its mouth and is sitting on its hands over the WMD debacle.

What more proof is needed to impeach the entire Administration ? Why wait for elections ? Because the terrorists will win ?

Bollocks, they already have. The USA is no longer making rational decisions based on law and justice, it is running all over the moral compass and sitting on the face of individual rights.

What makes you think elections will make any difference ? Thanks to Diebold, your electoral basis is flawed and can be hacked by a pimply teenager. And waiting for the Dems to grow a pair simply means that the Neocons have a millenia or two left to fool around and destroy the planet.

Man am I pissed off with the White House this morning. I've gotta take a nap before I chew somebody's head off.

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