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Google is launching its payment system, Google Checkout, in the UK. The service is aimed at merchants rather than for person to person payments and will compete with PayPal and traditional credit and debit cards. The service has been available in the US since June 2006. Customers use their Google ID - from signing up to …


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The Googleman

What is next on the Google agenda?






The Googleman will come to us one day to solve all our problems. I hope he is a nice man!



I'd be interested to read a thorough review of this service, particularly if it becomes viable for private-to-private trade like PayPal. So many people put up with the sub-standard scamfest that is PayPal that there is a clear market for a secure, reliable alternative.

Considering PayPal is a financial service it is frankly astonishing how unregulated it is - if it was a service provided by NatWest, for example, they would have had their unmentionables sued off by now.

Personally I have stopped using PayPal entirely and never use eBay except with cheque payment, and would recommend any sane person do the same, financially and technically astute or not.

I sincerely hope that Google, or anybody else with half a brain cell, launches a viable alternative as soon as possible.


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