back to article MS India bids for worst corporate anthem title

Long-term readers may well remember 2005's titanic musical battle between Drupa's 2004 song, the Glaucoma Hymn and KPMG to secure the world's worst corporate anthem title. A reader poll eventually awarded the honour to KPMG for its quite astounding effort, after which corporates worldwide apparently decided to hang up their …


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Lyrics to 'The Wow is Now'

I thought I would take the opportunity of adding the lyrics to the rap section of this truly moving song (note, these are by no means perfectly accurate):

Oh boy I don't know where to begin

So much feature don't know how to fit 'em in

Get ready for the wow! experience

I showed them once, I felt the crowd delirious


Step through the Window, take a trip with me

I'll turn your world on it's head with my 'flip-3d'

I'll make sure to the best websites I go

Windows Vista can be ? all in one go

So much data

Still I search quickly

Safe with Win Defender security

Visual, hot-to-trot?, it's sure pretty

I've got my laptop, I take my world with me!

Search is incredible!


Style's irrestistable!


Enter Windows Media Center

Music, Radio, Video, whatever!

Guaranteed more fun for your pleasure

Let's just say you're entertained forever!

One thing you just can't ignore

Zooms your performance for sure

And when you feel the need for more speed,

You can even boost that through the USB!

Windows Vista with it's sleek design

Even if you're a real good friend of mine

Don't even try askin me to lend you mine

'Cos you only get the 'wow!' when it's genuine




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Wow indeed.

I don't suppose there's any chance that the RIAA will have people arrested for uploading *that* to file sharing sites? I think I could get behind a move like that...


There's a WoW ringtone, too

See <http://www.microsoft.com/india/Wow/>, where you can "spread the wow" by spamming your friends:


Dear <Your Friends name>,

I came across this really cool song by Sunidhi Chauhan capturing the spirit of Windows Vista. Hear the Wow at http://www.microsoft.com/india/wow.

Whats more, you can get the Wow on your Mobile phones. Simply SMS WOWR to 8888 to get an ultra cool Windows Vista Ringtone on your mobile.


<your name>


I tried the ringtone download, but got nothing (I'm in the US)


actually i quite liked it...

..yes...i thought that some of the metaphysical imagery was really particularly effective.


Pass me what you're smoking!

I mean really... SHARE!

I have to make an appointment with a shrink now. I'm afraid that I like to hurt myself, because even after hearing HOW bad the MS-India songs was... I clicked on the other links.

What moronic executive out-of-touch weasel tossing tone deaf 80's escapee THOUGHT these songs sounded good?


I think it was a HHGTTG references....

"I quite liked it really...."

- Arthur Dent after listening to Vogon poetry.


More from Microsoft India

I also liked this offering from Microsoft India on their Outlook 2007 advert.




ok... I've been in the pub, and it still sounds BAD !!!!!!

It's like the worst 80's C-Movie closing somg with the hero kissing the girl he's rescued. All we need now is a sax solo and Bill Gates in a saree for the video and it will be a number 1 (or is that a number 2 ??)


The WoW starts now - I think...

They spent ~$6bn on this OS, about ~$500m on avertising and they come up with THIS bilinugal version?!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! I thought KPMG was bad enough but this rates 10/10 for corporate tackiness.

Anonymous Coward

Music Video?

I want a music video... then we can oust the "rapper" who is featured and instantly destroy his "rep".

Forget brandy and smelling salts... LSD should ensure you get the real benefit :-)

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