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You cannot have failed to notice Web Services and the prominence that they have achieved within the current computing world. However, at least within Java, there have been a number of differing ways in which you could implement a Java-based Web Service. You could use the Java Web Services toolkit from Sun, or the Apache Axis …


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SOAP not an acronym in SOAP 1.2

The article mentions "...SOAP which stands for Simple Object Access Protocol."

SOAP is not an acronym since SOAP 1.2.

"In previous versions of this specification the SOAP name was an acronym."


Some corrections:

1. In section An Application Service "EJB 3.9 Tutorial" should be "EJB 3.0 Tutorial".

2. JBoss is referred to as JBos.



for those corrections. Don't know how JBoss and JBos got used so inconsistently, my fault for subbing late at night...

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