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Storage community

For the discussion of any and all computing storage issues

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Re: psu tester?

Data Centre

From the desktop to the data centre

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Gmail delivery delay


From revision control to operating systems to big, big apps

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Re: "Should I stay or should I go now?"

Jobs | Bored

Of work and other IT pro matters

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Ever gone back to an old job after a really long time?


Vulture South's forum for notifications of local grass roots events, spleen-venting, information-sharing and sysadmin-bonding.

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Rest and Play

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Strictly beta - use it or lose it

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Why Apple will continue to kick the PC manufacturers arse

Broadband and hosting

Go faster stripes

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BT engineers - missed appointments


Cool stuff for cool commentards

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Cheap PS4 deals

Mobile devices

Phones and tablets and laptops and their providers

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Re: Android printing - a fail

Consuming Passions

Games, films, music, TV, books, comics

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Other series

Café Vulture

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Chew the fat

No such thing as off-topic

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Hunted TV Series - How did they.. how would you...

Digital rights and wrongs

Copyright, patents, privacy, surveillance, regulation, legislation

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@AC "1 day" (whatever that means, ElReg)

El Reg matters

Give us your feedback - your bug reports, forum wishlists etc.

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Re: as2003


We don't do creationism

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Prehistoric mass extinctions